Sunday, July 13, 2014

umm, hi there

Its been ages, I did miss doing this, but life takes it own course and sometimes its an impossible task just to get the basics done. Our summer holidays were great. They simply flew by. We relished doing the simple things, taking the elder one for her daily splash in the pool, walking to the local store to buy a couple of things and then eating gelato there, since we are right there itself! Coffee everyday was the main agenda. Twice a day, ah even better!

That glistening gleaming water. So inviting.

Gorgeous flowers everywhere you look in Bangalore. 

My little one, growing up too fast. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


It's been such beautiful weather here lately, and all we want to do is to spend time outside in the garden and on the balcony. The unexpected spring rains have been such a welcome after the desert of Dubai. It's been the best welcome back home!

Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee while sitting outside....

....well, maybe watching the baby gurgle and coo, kick her legs....

....and spotting some deer!

OK, if you insist, have a bite of some Nutella brownie muffins too! Yes, I baked in the new house, a super simple 4 ingredient recipe. Yumm.

Monday, February 17, 2014


I've been very excited about the prospect of getting to wear more Indian clothes and colors since we've moved back home. The summer wardrobe has been getting a lot of thought lately, since it's started warming up just a tad bit. So when I saw these gorgeous dupattas from Svarnathooval I had to pounce quickly! I picked a vibrant rani pink and a golden yellow and they sent me a green shaded dupatta as a free gift!

Hello, Hi!

Oh dear, where did December, January and almost all of February disappear? Has it really been that long? Its been hectic, hectic and more hectic, but I've tried to take time out and have some fun in between as well. That's what life is about isn't it. To make each day count. Some photos from December.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

and so it's December!

And just like that it's December already!

Some years drag on endlessly, but when you have kids, they race by. Sometimes leaving you in the dust. And confusion as well! With a newborn and a toddler who is perfecting the art of rebellion, it's certainly getting harder and harder to keep up. There is a saying that someone told me or I read on a blog somewhere in the early days when I had my elder child, which went like this, The days are endless but the years fly by. And boy oh boy, does it ring true for me.

A good friend (you know who you are!)told me she loves her two kids the most when they are fast asleep, and I too have hopped on that train of thought. I love them in the daytime, but adore them when they are asleep. Literally, gush over them, relish everything they did during the day, even the naughty things.

But in the meantime, while I digest the thought that in a month another year will go by, let me share some pretty moments caught by my camera in the past few months.

Wandering in the garden and noticing the new shoots of the guava tree. That's E in a pretty dress running around, btw. 

Arranging and rearranging little pots on the terrace! 

Nothing like a cup of coffee to perk you up mid-morning. And cake too! Of course, there has to be cake!

Monday, November 18, 2013

I won a beautiful painting thanks to Igor of Happy Interiors Blog

I won a beautiful piece of art! What a great way to start the week isn't it! Igor of Happy Interiors Blog hosted an art giveaway with Artfully Walls, and I won a beautiful work of art, just in time to be hung up in our new home! Just waiting for it to arrive!

Maybe this is a sign that I should get back to blogging more regularly!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

hello, do you remember me?

Ages, isn't it! Lots of good reasons to be away though. A new baby girl named Amaira being the most important of all! She's 2 months old already but I still haven't got enough of her newborn-ness, and she's outgrowing it all so fast, becoming chubby and smiling up at us so sweetly.

Also on the cards is moving to Delhi from Dubai, which we are currently doing, so yes, lots on our plate lately. I have missed blogging regularly, but didn't want to post stuff here just to fill space, only when I really wanted to. So here I am. Not making any promises of being regular though. Not yet, at least!

 Teeny tiny baby feet!

 The simplicity of Sada-bahaar blooms.

 Baking again! Yes, glad to be baking again. This was a Honey Yogurt bread with raisins.

Monday, August 05, 2013

happy flowers

Something about the simplicity of flowers isn't there. I love how they liven up any space they are in...from bougainvillea to gulmohar!

technically sound

As one gets involved in music, one has to get involved and understand the technology that creates and amplifies it. Gone are the days where you could keep them separate and still manage. So even as complicated as something like classic krk rp5g2 5 at guitar center sounds, if you are into making music, then you must understand what it's all about. The KRK studio monitor for example gives you not only an amazing performance but also greater accuracy, working for both home and studio sound. How it works is that it's curved edges reduce diffraction to the point that it disappears and gives you a larger sweet spot. It also has a front firing bass port, soft domed tweeters and a composite woofer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

where you cant lie about your age

Its getting all to common for minors to be caught in bars isn't it. Almost everyday one reads something or the other about it in the papers, so maybe its time for them to invest in id scanners for bars which will ensure that no one underage is sneaking in. It's something that will help them in the long run after all, instead of being fined and shut down.In the past week, I've seen two articles about this happening in my town so it has to be getting more common else where as well.